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How To Do some simple things

Error: Too many open files in Linux

“Too many open files” problem occurs when the program opens a large number of file descriptors(files, in simple terms). So, the program is out of limit. In Linux there are strict restrictions on the number of open files for each process and user, for protection purposes. Let’s start our research, we’ll explore how to predict […]

How not to install additional packages (recommended and suggested) via apt-get in Debian/Ubuntu Linux

Required and Recommended dependencies of MPV

So, a package manager called apt is the main tool for installing software. Apt is popular among the Debian-based Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Mint, and others. So, by default apt installs all dependencies, including optional and not always necessary. They’re called recommended and suggested. So, they can affect system speed and memory consumption. What are […]

How to write Japanese and Chinese in Linux on any window manager using fcitx

fcitx-configtool with mozc and google pinyin

If your Linux system has a custom environment with window manager like i3wm, bspwm, dwm there is no problem. The method below doesn’t require toolbars, widgets, applets and other things. Install fcitx First we need to install fcitx: Then, we need to decide which language we want to use (Chinese or Japanese). Packages for Japanese […]