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Ultra tuning of dwm status bar

By default dwm status bar include 9 tags, tiling mode status and the name of currently focused window. A little amount of information and a lot of empty space. What if we want to add extra information to status bar? Such as CPU, GPU temperature, size of internet traffic, current time, memory consumption? In this […]

Take screenshots with gnome-screenshot

Gnome-screenshot appearence

Gnome-screenshot is a default tool for making screenshots in GNOME environment. It is a simple and actual utility that provide a large number of settings. We can install it on every distributive on every environment. Gnome-screenshot supports also Wayland protocol, which wants to serve as a replacement for X system. We can set own shortcuts […]

HowTo enable 6-button input Sega Genesis\Mega Drive in mednafen

Buttons X,Y and Z are missing in mednaffe

Mednafen is a popular game console emulator, especially Sega Genesis and Sega Mega Drive. It contains many emulation engines, which allows us to play games from different old consoles, even Sony Playstation. Its addition, a GUI package called Mednaffe, makes it easy to configure a lot of consoles at once. But, unfortunately, mednaffe still doesn’t […]

Installation and work with mpg123. Compatibility with pulseaudio, hotkeys, shuffle and radio listening

Mpg123 is really cool audio player. Decode libraries are written in assembly language with SIMD instruction’s optimize. So, it’s really fast. It’s available for both Windows and Linux. Mpg123 is a console audio player, so if you prefer to write scripts and don’t like the GUI, this is what you need. Installation It is easy […]

MPV config. Screenshot directory path and filename, how to change in Linux and Windows

mpv screenshot's directory and filename

MPV is becoming more popular both among users of Linux and Windows. It’s really cool, free and open-sourced. It has the support of various plugins that simplify the work in it, such as mpv webm, which allows you to encode video while watching a movie. Now, let’s talk about the screenshots. By default, they are […]