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Examples of using mpv with youtube

If you don’t like to watch youtube videos in a browser this article probably what you need. MPV is a good choice for such a thing. But it need youtube-dl to be installed. I already have an article about how to install youtube-dl on Linux and Windows. So let’s get started The simplest example, without […]

The Ultra ffplay guide. Watching youtube(and others), using subtitles, audio volume and separate log file

FFplay is a media player with a console interface. It uses ffmpeg libraries to work with codecs. Many options that are valid for ffmpeg also work in ffplay. For example, sound settings (e.g. -af volume\channels), video buffer settings(e.g. -vf subtitles) and more. In Linux repositories, it is usually present along with ffmpeg, so it can […]

HowTo download music from youtube, bandcamp, soundcloud and other popular sites with youtube-dl

There is a unique utility that allows us to perform this thing. It also allows you to download from social networks such as Facebook. Sounds cool! A full list of supported sites can be found at this link There are hundreds of sites available for use! The utility is called youtube-dl, it is a console […]