MPV config path. Screenshot directory path and filename, how to change in Linux and Windows

MPV is becoming more popular both among users of Linux and Windows. It’s really cool, free and open-sourced. It has the support of various plugins that simplify the work in it, such as mpv webm, which allows you to encode video while watching a movie.

Now, let’s talk about the screenshots. By default, they are stored in our home directory (~ also /home/{USER}/).

How to take a screenshot

If we want to take a screenshot, we need to press the key:

Key: s

If we watch a movie with subtitles and don’t want the subtitles to be displayed on the screenshot, we can simply press:

Shortcut: Shift + S

Config Location

Now, where is the config located? By default:

Linux, Mac, config path is: ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf
Linux, Mac, for old mpv versions, config path is: ~/.mpv/mpv.conf

Windows, config path is: C:\users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\mpv\mpv.conf

Or it may be the directory where mpv is installed: C:\Program Files\mpv\mpv.conf

Screenshot format

Let’s make some changes. If we want to change the format of the screenshot, for example on jpg for better compression, use this parameter:


We just need to add this line to our config. Of course we can also change it to png.

Screenshot directory

In order to select the directory in which our screenshots will be saved, use the parameter screenshot-directory. For example, let’s change it to:


Now our screenshots will be saved there.

Screenshot template (How the screenshot name will be looks like)

This parameter allows us to manipulate the screenshot name. It’s called screenshot-template. Let’s see how it works. For example:

// Let's assume our file is named as Terminator(1984).mkv

Here’s what I got:

mpv screenshot's directory and filename

Now our screenshots will have a filename: “{FILE_NAME}:{CURRENT_PLAYBACK_TIME}


Note, that filename doesn’t include the file extension such as .mkv, .mp4.

If we want to include file extension just use %f instead of %F.

// Terminator(1984).mkv:00:08:15.412.png

Our playback time include such parameters as hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds.

If we want HH:MM:SS format instead of HH:MM:SS:mmm just use %p instead of %P:

// Terminator(1984):00:08:15.png

Several important parameters that can be used in the config


  • png
  • jpg


  • Greater value is better. Default is 90.


  • The more, the more compression. The load on the processor also increases, there may even be a delay when trying to take a screenshot.

Now that’s all.

Other options can be found at this link:

How to change directory path without editing mpv.conf

We can simply use parameter directly:

mpv --screenshot-directory="~/Images/Screenshots/"  your_file_name


mpv --screenshot-format=jpg --screenshot-directory="~/Images/Screenshots/" --screenshot-template="%F:%P"  your_file_name

Updated: June 30, 2019 — 9:08 am