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Install NVIDIA proprietary driver, replace nouveau using apt

By default, in Debian-based systems (Ubuntu, Mint, Debian) nouveau driver is installed. It is free and open-source, perfectly compatible with other open-source applications and exports a large amount of information in /sys. But in some applications, especially in video games, nouveau often has weak support and is inferior in performance to NVIDIA proprietary driver. NVIDIA […]

Minimal Xorg installation with dwm on FreeBSD

This method may be actual on weak computers for resource economy. The installation process is fast and requires only dwm compilation. Excluded an installation of huge font packages, classical xorg utilities (like xterm). There are no any visual settings for configs, additional fonts, drivers. Only the minimal process is described here. First we need to […]

Ultra tuning of dwm status bar

By default dwm status bar includes 9 tags, window mode status (tiling or float) and the name of currently focused window. A little amount of information and a lot of empty space. What if we want to add extra information to status bar? Such as CPU, GPU temperature, size of internet traffic, current time, memory […]