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Install the latest firefox (or another package) version in Debian using sid repository

There is a big misconception that in Debian all packages are outdated. This misunderstanding arises due to in stable releases packages receive mostly security updates and bug fixes. And between stable releases passes about a year. This is why users are waiting for programs functionality update for a long time (if they are on ‘stable’ […]

Bash scripts for proxy grabbing, checking and applying to PAC file. Make your own list of 99.9% uptime proxies

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There is a way to form 99.9% uptime proxies and visit inaccessible sites without using Tor browser, VPN or others. All we need is bash, proxybroker, curl and grep. ProxyBroker is easier to install using pip (tool to automatically install and configure python packages). In addition I have an article about how to install ProxyBroker […]

Unblock sites, use proxies on specific sites without addons with simple proxy file

automatic proxy configuration URL, use file:/// instead of http:// or something

Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) is a technology that allows a browser to read a special file with instructions how and where to use proxy servers. This is a pretty old technology, but it still works in most browsers, like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, both Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, Safari and others. I already have […]

Minimal Xorg installation with dwm on FreeBSD

This method may be actual on weak computers for resource economy. The installation process is fast and requires only dwm compilation. Excluded an installation of huge font packages, classical xorg utilities (like xterm). There are no any visual settings for configs, additional fonts, drivers. Only the minimal process is described here. First we need to […]

Managing packages in FreeBSD using pkg

Shows current state both for FreeBSD repository and system

In FreeBSD we can install programs by using pkg (for installation binary packages) and portsnap, svn (for installation from source codes). pkg is the modern version of pkg_add, pkg_info… utilities which were on older versions of FreeBSD. At the first time we start pkg without parameters, we are offered to install this package manager: The […]