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mpv is free and open-source media player software

MPV: Limit cache size and cacheable playback interval

By default, MPV has too high values for cache usage which can cause a large consumption of memory when playing a video, for example from YouTube. This note is about how to limit MPV cache usage and reduce memory consumption. Limit cacheable playback interval The first option is –cache-secs <seconds>. This sets how many seconds […]

Examples of using mpv with youtube

If you don’t like to watch youtube videos in a browser this article probably what you need. MPV is a good choice for such a thing. But it need youtube-dl to be installed. I already have an article about how to install youtube-dl on Linux and Windows. So let’s get started The simplest example, without […]

HowTo download music from youtube, bandcamp, soundcloud and other popular sites with youtube-dl

There is a unique utility that allows us to perform this thing. It also allows you to download from social networks such as Facebook. Sounds cool! A full list of supported sites can be found at this link https://ytdl-org.github.io/youtube-dl/supportedsites.html. There are hundreds of sites available for use! The utility is called youtube-dl, it is a console […]

MPV config path. Screenshot directory path and filename, how to change in Linux and Windows

mpv screenshot's directory and filename

MPV is becoming more popular both among users of Linux and Windows. It’s really cool, free and open-sourced. It has the support of various plugins that simplify the work in it, such as mpv webm, which allows you to encode video while watching a movie. Now, let’s talk about the screenshots. By default, they are […]