Simple manga reader on Linux and Windows

There is a very simple manga reader. It doesn’t require high power of the computer and it works very fast. From dependencies, it requires only python, and GTK. If you have unrar installed on your system, it can also read directly from the .rar archive (it automatically unpacks the archive in /tmp). It also supports other archive formats.

The manga reader I want to talk about is called mcomix. It is quite popular and is available on Linux, BSD and Windows. It is open source and available in repositories. Mcomix is fresh, receives updates to this day, so it continues to evolve and improve.

View on mcomix. How it looks like
Mcomix. How it looks by default

To install it on Windows, you just need to download the program through the browser, follow this link

To install mcomix on Linux Ubuntu, Mint, Debian and others, just type

sudo apt install mcomix
mcomix without panels and menus
Mcomix can be customized. I removed all the panels and menus, because I use only hotkeys.

What else can we say about customization? It is really cool. You can change hotkeys, colors. It supports transparency of images, that is, if you like transparency, this is what you need. Library is also available. Bookmarks too. So you can sort the manga on the shelves and save reading progress.

Mcomix has support in many languages.

High download rate of mcomix from sourceforge
Mcomix. Sourceforge download statistics on 2018-2019

Disable automatic page turning

I recommend turning off one annoying me option. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Behaviour and uncheck

"Flip pages when scrolling off the edges of the page".

After that, your pages will not turn over when you approach their edge. You can use the “Page Up” and “Page Down” keys instead. I think this is much more convenient.

Mcomix itself finds the next Chapter/Volume by filename

So, if you are on the last page of a volume or chapter, then scrolling to the next page, mcomix opens the next chapter or volume. It is convenient and doesn’t require additional efforts.

Some useful shortcuts

Ctrl + O - open file
Ctrl + Shift + Q - exit and save progress
Page Up - previous page
Page Down - next page
- and +  for zoom
Up , Down, Left, Right arrow - Scroll up, down, left, right
Ctrl + Shift + S - save page as ... 

You can see more or even change it right here Edit -> Preferences -> Shortcuts